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Our Owners


I have a great love of health, fitness and emotional well being. I possess over 17 years of experience as a certified fitness instructor. My goal is to get others as excited about fitness as I am by getting them involved in group fitness both indoors and outside!


Let us help you gain a sense of community and become part of our fitness family at The Klubhouse. 

Kathi Grabda
Kathy Grabda
Krystal Lewis

I am a certified group fitness instructor, I'm very passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle and I love the outdoors. Group exercise classes give me the opportunity to share my love of fitness with others. 


Group classes will get you up and moving with a variety of different exercises that focus on both muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.  When I'm not working out, you can find me at my full time job, working with children with special needs. 


Meet Our Instructors!

Rachel Danis- "I am 100% a people person who loves to add energy to any room. I enjoy working out and helping others become their best selves".

Jason Kaplan-"I love lifting weights and teaching in big group settings. I love meeting new people and helping them meet their fitness goals.

Kaitlin Wood -"My motivation is seeing you build your confidence while improving physical and mental strength - all while having fun!"

Sara Nephew

Jennifer Drollette - "I combine hard work and laughter using functional fitness. You will fit in at Senior Fit -where friendships are made."

Mary Duprey- "An old gal with lifelong passion for fitness! Get in the door, get moving, sweat, laugh, and leave feeling better than when you walked in!"

Heather Gottlob -"There is something so fulfilling about leading others on a different path but toward the same goal of a better version of ourselves."

Cristi Lawliss - "I'm probably the loudest person in the room but your biggest supporter! Heavy lifting has my heart but I love teaching and showing people their true potential."

Taylor McMahon




Our Philosophy

We believe working out and fitness are part of a healthy lifestyle. It isn't all about shedding pounds. It's about getting your blood moving and seeing what your body can do.

​We are here to help people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness come together around our love of pushing our bodies.

We also believe that it's important to get outside. Many of our summer classes take place overlooking the Adirondack Mountains or Lake Champlain. 


The Klubhouse is where fitness and adventure become one!

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