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Indoor cycling set to motivating music and disco lights sure to get your heart rate up!! A variety of Sprints climbs, and HIIT!


30  minutes of high-intensity cycle

New Class!!
Pedal Party!

Pedal party is 30 minutes of cycle with a different theme/genre/idea each week!

Punch Cards & Gift Cards

Buy a 10 class punchcard for future classes. 

Buy a gift card for a friend or family member.

More Classes

Strictly Strength

This is a 45 minute class that will focus on total body strength using weights and a bar.

Pyramid & Tabata Cycle

A 30 Minute Pyramid and a 30 Minute Tabata on/off the bike.


This class will be 45 minutes on the bike and 45 minutes of floor conditioning.  You will do 45 mins of one then swap sides and do 45 mnutes of the other! 


This class involves 30 minutes of HIIT on the bike and 30 minutes of HIIT on the floor!

HIIT The Bench Circuit

 Strength and cardio exercises utilizing the step and moving from station to station!

KH Trifecta

3 different types of group fitness for 20 minutes each.

Outdoor Therapy

HIIT workout located outside with views of the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain.

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