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Indoor cycling set to motivating music and disco lights sure to get your heart rate up!! A variety of Sprints climbs, and HIIT!


45 minutes! Work at your own pace through a list of exercises! How far can you get???

Join us 4/8/24 for a Solar Eclipse Cycle class and/or a group hike up Poko!

Punch Cards & Gift Cards

Buy a $25, $50, or $100 package for future classes. 

Buy a gift card for a friend or family member.

More Classes

Strictly Strength

This is a 45 minute class that will focus on total body strength using weights and a bar.


A 45 Minute pilates and core workout on the floor!

All Out

30 minutes of HIIT - give it everything you have for 30 minutes!

Bells & Balls

45 Minutes of HIIT intervals utilizing Kettle Bells and Slam Balls

Midweek Meltdown

45 Minutes of Upper body, lower body and core TABATA!


40 minutes of cycle then 15 minutes of stability ball training!

Outdoor Therapy

HIIT workout located outside with views of the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain.

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